As women, we want to be at our best in everything we do. The multiple roles we play – sister, daughter, partner, girlfriend, wife, in-law, mother, friend, caregiver, mentor, leader and supporter – demand us to be physically and emotionally resilient.

As mums, it is even more challenging as we struggle to balance our personal aspirations and being there for our little ones. Our hope is simple – to have our children be healthy and happy. When they are good, we are good. Right?

My Gifted Oilers works primarily with women and parents. We understand the physical and emotional demands of women. We understand the stress and guilt faced by parents. We understand the challenges of being a full time working parent. Because we are just like you. We invite you to embrace the healthy and holistic lifestyle so that you and your family can be empowered to make decisions for your own health. You know your body best. Join us today. Let this journey transform your body, mind and spirit!


  • After my first event in Jan 2018, I’ve found new purpose and abundance in my life. I’m so proud and happy to be part of My Gifted Oilers team! I look forward to all events and to make new friends 🙂

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