March 2019 Promotion Gifts

Psst… Have you seen the March 2019 Promotions?

Check out the promotion here:  Malaysia | Singapore 

Malaysia Free Gifts

Envision 5ml
* Apply/diffuse the oil to give you that clarity and courage to pursue your goals.
* Apply it on your wrist before a difficult meeting.

Vetiver 5ml
* It is a thick oil. It will drip it out slowly or you can take a clean toothpick and extract it out.
* Apply onto your brain stem, chest and temple.
* Diffuse it with lemon essential oil for a uplifting environment.

Clarity 15ml
* Diffuse in the car while driving long distance.
* Apply it to the chest and inhale when feeling stressed or experiencing brain fog.

Singapore Free Gifts

Oregano 5ml
* Important oil in the raindrop technique
* Apply on the soles of the feet before leaving the house or after shower.
Avoid touching as it is a very hot oil.

Juniper 15ml
* Mix with V6 and massage in your lower back. Your kidneys and your adrenals will love this oil.
* Mix 10 drops of Juniper + 10 drops of Grapefruit in 10ml of Cell-lite Magic Massage Oil. Great for cellulite prevention and detoxification.
* Diffuse for a peaceful sleep.

Manuka 5ml
* Put your favourite Young Living face or body moisturiser on your palm and add a drop of manuka. Mix it in and lather onto your skin.
* Great for acne prone skin (dry, combination or oily).

NingXia Red
* Drink 60ml (children above 2yo) – 120ml (adult) per day. Your body will feel rejuvenated.


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