Are you ready for school? (Part I)

The academic term 3 begins on 1 July and that means we are offically 7 days away from being back in school! Many parents would be busy preparing the books, stationery, shoes and bags, but are you getting your body and mind ready for the new school term?

During the one month break – families travel overseas, parents relaxed their daily routine, children indulged in food and sleep at irregular hours. Naturally your body system would be weakened by the change in lifestyle. So take this one week to prep your body.

Use the Raindrop Kit on the soles of your feet daily or (our fav way of receiving Raindrop oils) get your mum or dad to help you apply on the spine!

The 9 essential oils inside the Raindrop Kit are designed to support your body system from inside out.

These oils are pretty hot on the skin so be sure to apply V6 vegetable complex (also available inside the kit) before apply the oils.

DM to find out how you can get the Raindrop Kit at a discount this June in Singapore.

Credits: @kimura_reiko

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