International yoga day -21 Jun 2019

Climate Action- 21st June2019

This is the theme for the 5th International Yoga Day 2019. Yoga isn’t just about meditation, exercise and movement. Yoga instills values and traits that can create better citizens of the Earth .

Yoga doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do a full practice on the mat. In your busy schedule, take 15min out and be still. Breathe deeply and connect with your inner self.

Try out the following: .

• Diffuse Purification in the room. Purify your mind and your spirit.

• Apply Highest Potential on your wrist and your shoulders. Allow your mind to connect with the bigger environment and universe. Feel strong and confident in your body.

• Put one drop of Joy onto your palm. Rub it onto your heart chakra, and cup your palms over your nose. Inhale deeply. Remember… You are whole and loved. • Gently blink open your eyes. You are ready to be of contribution to your world.


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