Look into the areas of your life… Are you experiencing abundance?


It is so easy to focus on our areas of lack. I fall into the exact trap all the time! .

Focusing on our own scarcity ironically attracts more of the lack into our lives. 😱 .

Say wadddd? .

Where your attention goes, energy flows, and results show. I know it’s tough, but when you are feeling stuck, focus on things that are currently working for you in your life.

Do not belittle the little things that are working for you! Do you have a home to stay in? Do you have a job that pays you at this point in time? Do you have food and water daily? .


Abundance starts when you become grateful for what you already have and when you pay attention to your big goals and dreams. Celebrate small wins. And do it daily.

#mygiftedoilers #abundance #gratitude #mondaymotivation

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