Battle the Haze

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Singapore has escaped the haze that’s hit KL so far – but it may not be so lucky for long

Singapore’s air quality may enter ‘unhealthy’ range in the next 24 hours: NEA


The hot, dry and no reason season is killing our vegetation, plants and our forests in Indonesia. Already, so many of you have reached out to me about your kids coughing, having runny nose and nose bleedings. Some of you with sensitive airways like myself are experiencing dry and itchy throat, and cough.

It’s time to change the oils you are diffusing at home!

❓❔Why diffuse during the haze period?
➡️ our respiratory system need more support in eliminating the waste from the air we breathe in. Oils can help us to breathe better and easier!

Tip 💡
Switch on the purifier for an hour to clear the dust in the air. Then switch the purifier off. Turn on your diffuser when you enter the room. Do not switch on the purifier and diffuser at the same time as the purifier will work to remove the oil molecules in the room.

Gentle oils for babies and young toddlers:
Myrtle, Dorado Azul, Kidscents Refresh / SniffleEase, Lemon, Pine, Idaho Balsam Fir, Idaho Blue Spruce, Northern Light Black Spruce

Oils that may require dilution as they are considered hot oils (depending on your sensitivity):
Purification, RC, Raven, Thieves (hotL, Peppermint (hot), Thyme (hot), Lemon Myrtle (hot)

Mix and match the oils in your diffuser to get a scent you enjoy 🥰

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