November 2019 promo

🌟November 2019 Singapore PV Promotion🌟

As we march towards December, these oils come in handy to prepare us mentally and emotionally for upcoming challenges and uncertainties.

Valor II (For Essential Rewards only) This oil blend is has a gentle and earthy aroma to help you stand tall and stable as you weather through your storms.

Magnify Your Purpose
Find a quiet time for yourself. Set a positive intention to end 2019 with abundance and peace. Apply Magnify Your Purpose on your heart and wrist. Do this first thing in the morning for at least a week to attract unexpected possibilities into your life.

Dragon Time All women need this oil especially if you are struggling with the time of the month. Irregular period, cramps, headaches, high flow, too little flow… You need Dragon Time.

Brain Power Nov and Dec are filled with a lot of exciting happenings. Go further with Brain Power. This oil focuses on what matters and help you emotionally to achieve that goals you set during your New Year’s Resolutions.

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