My Gifted Oilers Academy

What is My Gifted Oilers Academy?

This Academy was created because my leaders asked me to document what I teach so that they can have a point of reference when they share with their teams.

In the Academy, you get to

  • Learn about the business opportunity from Young Living
  • Understand how we do, and what we do
  • Embark on your business journey quickly and fuss-free

Who is it for?

  • You want to cover your monthly Essential Rewards
  • You want to earn extra pocket money to finance your kids’ enrichment / tuition or have the extra money to pamper yourself
  • You want to build a pot of gold for your children
  • You want to help others in their health and wellness journey
  • You enjoy the products and want others to benefit too
  • You want to work hard now so that you can have the means to retire early

Who is it NOT for?

  • You want to earn money quickly
  • You don’t care much about physical, emotional and spiritual health
  • You have no patience to work with people
  • You do not use the products
  • You do not have a testimonial of the products


Well, now that we have identified you are keen to explore the Young Living opportunity…

Get ready to embark on your Academy Journey!

  1. Lesson 1
    Training on Virtual Office, Terms in Compensation Plan, Bonuses, Rank Qualification
  2. Lesson 2
    Rank Qualification & Average Commission