About Essential Oils

Essential oils play an important role in plants, mainly that of predatory defense or disease resistance. Plants and their essential oils had been used by mankind for thousands of years for medicinal treatment, therapy, food, emotional health and spiritual protection.

Over time, the art of growing, harvesting and distilling essential oils had been lost with commercialisation and modernisation. The process of growing, harvesting and distilling the plants takes way too long and many essential oils in the market are adulterated in order to meet the large demand. Adulterated oils can be certified pure but they do not deliver the therapeutic health benefits that are recorded in ancient and historical text.

Planting helichrysum

There are a lot of marketing done on essential oils with the demand on natural remedies and holistic wellness. My invitation to you is to take time to explore. Don’t just grab a bottle of essential oil off the shelf. Learn about the company. Ask to visit their suppliers and farms. Question the quality of the seed and the soil used. Be open to learning. Then decide on what brand of essential oils you would like to embrace into your lifestyle. Experience the body, mind and spirit transformation that had been described in many health literature.

I’m grateful to be able to incorporate Young Living Essential Oils and its essential oils infused products and supplements into my daily regime since 2009. Today, I am empowered with healthcare choices and am proud to be able to live a healthy, happy and drug-free lifestyle.