January Team Game

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JANUARY TEAM GAME (1 – 31 Jan 2019)

We want you to start the year right with a strong, healthy foundation!

January is a hectic month – School’s starting, CNY is coming, you have new performance targets and not forgetting your New Year Resolutions! You need a healthy physical body and good mental functions to handle multiple demands. You also want a good digestive system to prepare yourself for the CNY feasting in a month’s time.

NingXia Red can help you to kickstart your new year!

Recommended intake per day:
  • 30ml for toddlers
  • 60ml for school going children
  • 120ml for adults
  • 180ml for adults working with health and emotional challenges

Sealed sachets can be stored in room temperature.
Keep opened sachets in the fridge and finish it within the same day.

Keep opened bottle in the fridge. As there is minimal preservative, consume within 2 weeks for freshness.


~You must be a member under Charlene’s team. You can be based anywhere.
~Order *NingXia Red in January (ER or SO)
~Take a picture of your invoice (member name and member number must be seen) and upload in the comments in the Private Facebook Group
(Contact your team leader for access) or email to mygiftroom@gmail.com
~You automatically qualify for the lucky draw happening on 2 Feb 2019. There will be 5 lucky winners.

* NingXia Red order must be in ANY of the following combination:
~ NingXia Red Combo Pack (2 bottles & 30 sachets) OR
~ NingXia Red (4 bottles) OR
~ NingXia Red (60 sachets) OR
~ NingXia Red Essential Rewards kit OR
~ NingXia Red PSK (for new members)


PowerPoint Presentation

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