Oiling Mums – A Beginner’s Guide

Congratulations on embarking on your wellness journey with your children!

I’m sure these are some of the things going through you right now:

  • There are so many oils! I feel so lost.
  • How do I use these oils?
  • What are the benefits of these oils?
  • Is there a guide?
  • Will someone help me?
  • Am I using it correctly?
  • Will I harm my kids?
  • Are there side effects?

x 1001 many many more questions!

How do we know? Because we have been there too! Yup, the same questions ran through our minds and we were feeling so lost and fearful. Right where you are. And that’s what this page and the team support is all about – To bring you from FEARFUL to FEARLESS. To empower you so that you have the CONFIDENCE in using these amazing Young Living products.

Click on the following links to bring you to the relevant pages. If you cannot find what you are looking for, text your team leader / buddy / group chat immediately! There is always someone ready to jump in to ease you worries.

⭐ Before your kit arrives… 7 things you need to know

  1. Why do fellow mums use Young Living products for their children
  2. Can I achieve the same results with other brands of essential oils
  3. How do I use essential oils
  4. Will I hurt my baby, toddler or children
  5. How do I store my oils
  6. What are the hot oils and photo-sensitive oils
  7. How do I make future orders

💜 Now that you have your kit

  1. Unbox and set up your kit
  2. Diffuser recipes
  3. How do I dilute
  4. Common ailments and what to use
  5. What are the must have Young Living products at home

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