The Team


Be part of MY GIFTED OILERS team!

My journey with Young Living Essential Oils and its essential oil infused products have brought me so many things to be grateful for:

  • Financial stability
  • Residual income
  • Potential for income growth
  • Personal development and leadership growth
  • Friendship with people I would never meet in my small social circle
  • Ability to create health and financial miracles with both the young and not-so-young
  • Travel to different countries and cities
  • Meeting new friends from all over the world
  • Having fun while getting our health back on track
  • Strangers turned friends
  • Celebrating life milestones with other like-minded women
  • Building a community of independent and fierce-loving women and mothers

When you are ready to be part of a journey that transforms your health, relationships and finances, connect with me.

Make your ordinary life extraordinary.
Join the tribe. 

What you can look forward to

Whatsapp support groups, Private facebook groups, Personalised classes and events, Face to face sharing and discussions on private matters, Education on natural remedies for the entire family health (babies, pets, adults, elders), Special seminars, Exclusive playdates.

Join My Gifted Oilers Team in Transforming Your Life.

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